Paid on Performance: Secondary PPC

In secondary PPC, we make every click count…
our paid on performance model demands that we do.

Bringing home the hard-to-find

Over the past few years, your online marketing efforts have changed dramatically.

You have an agency or an in-house team looking after your primary pay-per-click accounts, and you're probably working with an Affiliate Marketing agency to manage sales through the affiliate channel. But you’re still not getting all the traffic that you could.

There are a group of your potential customers searching in ways that don't expose them to your current search marketing or online advertising.

We use our own Secondary PPC Strategy to find those customers and deliver quality, converting traffic that would otherwise be missed.

What is Secondary PPC?

Secondary PPC is the name we have given to paid search activity that targets the hard-to-find traffic not captured by the broad-brush tactics of standard agency-managed PPC.

If your PPC agency is looking after your brand and business-related terms on search engines like Google, that probably accounts for much of the available traffic to your site.
We think of this work as Primary PPC.

Alongside that primary work, your hard-working affiliates will be adding traffic from their rich and relevant content sites.

But we know that this still leaves some untapped sources: a group of your potential customers searching in ways that don't expose them to your current search marketing or online advertising. Those are the customers we find for you.

Experience suggests that no single agency is ever able to cover 100% of the available search engine traffic. So, whilst Primary PPC should always look for the big wins, with our Secondary work we uncover the untapped potential of the smaller search scenarios.

We operate a paid-on-performance model using your affiliate programme, which demands that we constantly focus on Return on Investment.

Where much primary (standard) PPC drives sales through traffic volume, in secondary PPC, we focus on sales through traffic quality.

The Adventurous Marketer

Elusive and difficult to target, the traffic we provide can be time-consuming to find and expensive to purchase. It's a higher risk area to work and that's why we don't expect you to take a chance; we work through your existing affiliate channel so you only pay for results. Our bespoke software means that we take all the risk, and only reap rewards if you do.

We weed out features that do not make a return, and constantly refine and adjust our campaigns in a way that is neither practical nor cost-effective in a large-agency setting.

This model demands that we make money for all parties,
so our approach has to be efficient and our eye is always on the detail.

Looking further afield is our speciality. We aren't here to compete with your agencies. In fact, we complement their work buy bringing in traffic that their strategies don't reach.

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We use the affiliate model, so we only get paid when we make you genuine sales.

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