Search Management: Primary PPC

The stronger the Google account,
the more value it can add –to your sales figures of course,
but also to your wider view of your ecommerce site
and your customers’ interests.

Paid Search Account Management

Managing multiple campaigns, staying on top of ever-changing account tools and continually optimising your ads for profitable performance is, to say the least, a time-consuming activity.

Whether you are currently managing paid search in-house or have a digital marketing agency working on it for you, we believe that you'd see a difference if Latitude60 managed the accounts.

Primary PPC

Primary PPC is the activity that your business undertakes directly.
The campaigns that focus on the most compelling search terms for your business, the brand keywords strategy and the hero product ads.
Primary PPC should deliver traffic volume and, for any ecommerce site, always a profitable return on total spend.

Primary PPC will be managed from your own Google and Microsoft Ads accounts. These will be linked with your website analytics.
This combination of tools will provide huge insight - but also a vast amount of data to manage and interpret.
So, how about considering working with a specialist to do it?

Our Objectives for Your Business

When we start working on our clients' search accounts, our strategic aims come from a combination of the business outcomes that they need to see, and our own founding objectives.

When we take over management of search accounts, we are committed to creating:

  • A more efficient account – same sales revenue for less spend
  • An enhanced account – incremental sales revenue driven by our innovation and analysis
  • A source of business data – customer, sales and ecommerce insight delivered to you in a manageable and useful format
  • A tool for business learning – using your customers’ search behaviour to support your evolving business model.

An Agency Model - Not an Agency

When we manage your accounts, we use an agency charging model – as opposed to the paid on performance affiliate commission model that we also work with.
But we aren’t ‘An Agency.’
No office rates, no receptionists and no account managers.
Just two Paid Search People.

Our agency model charging structure is a monthly management fee calculated as a percentage of your previous month's ad spend.
We have no minimum contract period but we really do ask that you give us at least 6 months to prove ourselves.
Experience shows that our fee can easily be covered in increased sales earnings.

Budget, Return and Responsibility

When we manage your account, we are aware of the responsibility that comes with it.
We would suggest that we agree a monthly ad spend budget to work to – at least initially.
This gives you a benchmark and ensures that you are in control of the spending.

We are data driven and optimise all accounts for return - not just revenue.
We work with our clients to understand their current cost of a search-driven conversion and monitor the profitability of all activity at a granular level.

From Setup to Sustained Delivery & Incremental Value

Managing paid search accounts for any client is a process of learning, optimisation and enhancement.
To learn more about the stages we work through when taking over account management, just get in touch and will send you a summary!